You need png to dds converter software in order to convert a png to dds format for free. Some software also allows you to batch convert png to dds at a time. Most of the software generally supports png to dds conversion as they are image converter software. You can also perform a conversion between various image formats using this software because they all assist many output and input formats. You can also modify input dds graphics through some of this software apart from image format transformation. This software provides tools such as transform tools, drawing tools, image filters, effects, etc. 

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GIMP is the best free open source png to dds converter for Linux, Mac, and Windows. You can view and open a png image and then convert it into dds format utilizing its export factor. You also get the flexibility to edit input graphics utilizing tools prior to this such as color level adjustments, filters, flip, rotate, crop, resize, drawing tools, etc. It is an exceptional image editor and png to dds converter to convert png to dds and other supported formats. 

How to Convert PNG to DDS in GIMP

Follow the below steps for free png to dds conversion;

  • Open the png image source in it.
  • Utilizing available editing tools, modify the input png image if needed.
  • Convert png to dds by utilizing file and export as an option and select dds as output format. It permits you to customize a few output parameters such as mipmaps, format, compression, etc., before the start of actual conversion.

Chasys Draw IES Artist

The next free png to dds converter software is Chasys Draw IES Artist for Windows. It is basically an image editor that can modify image form also. You can modify or transform png to various other formats consisting of CUR, TGA, ICO, JPG, BMP, and many more apart from dds. It offers a handy set of drawing tools, color enhancement characteristics, filters, effects, options for image transformation, and many more. It is primarily utilized for the creation of different kinds of frame animations, object animations, graphics, cursors, and many more as it is a handy png to dds converter.

How to Convert PNG to DDS

  • Utilize the open function to get the source image in it first.
  • Now, you can edit the image in the way you want.
  • Utilize the File>Save As option after that and set the format for conversion to dds. You can also select to add borders to the final image if you want.


Paint.NET is another png to dds converter for windows. It is a good image modifying software that has all standards and some advanced editing tools. You can simply perform conversion to dds or any other form like TGA, GIF, JPG, BMP, etc by opening a png image in it. You can utilize filters, color enhancement options, image transforming features, annotation/drawing tools, and more if you wish to modify input png images. Paint.NET is a simple and effective image editor that also can be utilized for png to dds conversion.