If you are planning to visit Kenya from the USA then you have landed on the right page. Know that to visit Kenya you need to get a Kenya visa for US citizens. You need to get the Kenya visa application for US citizens from the Kenyan embassy in the United States and complete all the requirements. Kenya is not just a business hub but it is also a hot tourist spot for US citizens. One of the main reasons why Americans prefer traveling to Kenya is that it is always an affordable trip. 

Today you can get the Kenya visa for US citizens either from the embassy or you can also get it online by using the e-visa facility. Now in this post, we are going to discuss the cost of a Kenya visa. If you want to know about the cost of visa then read the details below!

What is the cost of a Kenya visa from the USA?

There is no accurate figure to explain the cost of Kenya visa for US citizens and this is because there are different types of visa and different factors that can affect the cost of Kenya tourist visa for US citizens.

Single Entry Visa

The single entry Kenya visa is one of the most common ones which is applied from the USA. The cost of this visa is almost $50. Know that the validity of this visa is only 90 days after which it would expire. You can only visit Kenya once if you have this kind of visa. A single entry visa is similar to the Kenya visa on arrival for US citizens.

Transit Entry Visa

Another common type of Kenya visa for US citizens is the transit visa. The transit visa can be obtained from any international airport in Kenya. The validity of this kind of visa is not more than 72 hours. The cost of the Kenya transit visa for US citizens is around $20. 

Multiple Entry Visa

The validity of the multiple entry visas is more than three and up to 12 months. You must know that this kind of visa allows you to enter Kenya multiple times without any additional cost. The cost of this Kenya visa for US citizens is around $100. Once the visa expires you have to apply again from the embassy.

Kenya E visa

If you want an urgent visa then you need to apply online and get the e-visa for Kenya. The electronic Kenya visa for US citizens costs around $30. You have to pay the visa fee in advance with your credit or debit card. The validity of this visa is not more than thirty days. You can get the visa in less than a day of applying. But to get the e visa you need to check out visa requirements to travel to Kenya. 

These are some of the common Kenya visas and their costs that you have to pay if you want to travel to Kenya for personal or professional purposes!